You are so much greater than your mind will ever be able to understand or define.

It is these definitions of you that become the biggest blocks or obstacles on our path.  To the mind we are limited, not enough, separate, or not worthy.  Experiences become limited by what we understand is possible in our lives.

The definitions you hold about YOU often
limit what you can receive and experience.

We live in a universe of infinite possibilities, nothing is impossible.  Every dream, desire or wish truly can be yours.

I wasn’t willing to receive abundance, an amazing life or miracles because those things didn’t happen to someone like me.  For me it seemed like my mind was always against me.  Whether that was comparing myself to others, convincing me that I wasn’t good enough or even punishing me for some alleged mistake that I made.

I think we have all experienced the negative self talk and how hard the mind can be on us.  Many teachers, tools and systems focus on trying to turn that negative self talk into more positive thoughts.  You are probably reading this right now because you know that doesn’t really work.

You do get free by replacing your crappy definitions with better ones.  You become free by realizing you don’t fit into any definition and living from that place.

The more you get out of the definitions and “mind living,” the more miracles begin to show up in your life.  None of our minds understand how to create miracles.  Miracles manifest when we are in alignment with our higher selves.

WARNING - Are you really ready to explore you?  Are you ready to look at the possibility that you are not who you think you are?  If you answered no to either question, this class it not for you right now.

Are you still reading?  Are you excited? Is it time to remove the beliefs that stand in your way of having more than you could possibly imagine?

Join us as we explore YOU in a totally different way than ever have before.  This course will be life changing, I guarantee it.

During this 6 week LIVE course you’ll be invited to explore:

  • Coming back into alignment with your highest, undefinable self
  • Opening to new possibilities and opportunities for your life
  • How to live from your heart, not judgment and resistance
  • Letting go of the old tools and belief systems that have been blocking you
  • Unraveling all the misunderstandings and misconceptions about YOU
  • How to expand your conscious awareness and connect to guidance
  • Making choices from knowing instead of resistance and fear
  • And so much more…..

Here is what you receive during this 6 week interactive event

If you can’t make the live transmissions, you can still join us!
For your convenience, all participants will automatically receive a MP3 recording of each class. It will be available for you to download the same day after each live event.

  • Weekly transmissions and integrations to deepen your connection to YOU
  • MP3 recordings of all the classes
  • A powerful meditation MP3 to help you take the teachings even deeper
  • Embodiment Exercises to help you live your connection to YOU
  • Action steps to create a new life for yourself
  • An online interactive community with class participants
  • Live Q & A sessions with Zach
  • And So Much More.......

Class times are Sundays at Noon Pacific, November 13th thru December 18th

Registration closed

Are you ready to open up an entirely new life of possibilities?

Some Testimonials from Zach's last 6-week Intensive Course

Zach words cannot convey the gratitude I feel for what you have done for me during these weeks. The levels of inner transformation are unimaginable! I am in a total different place inside of myself than few weeks ago. This is a dream come true...Nothing of what I've done in the past 40 years of deep and dedicated inner search have accomplished as much as what I've got from the 6 weeks class.

- Luis T.

"So, the most immediate and obvious thing I noticed when I first started taking the course was money. I just did the math and I earned about $15,500 in 7 weeks."

- Naisha J.

"Since working with Zach I experienced such a peace and ease that I hadn’t received and always knew was possible.  I had done many modalities and had shifts in my life but i was constantly searching for more and trying to fix and clear myself all the time.  Not only that but trying to overcome obstacles and forcing myself to become something I wasn’t.  With doing the Abundance teleclass I really got to embody that I don’t need anything outside of myself to make me happy and with being present in this moment I have everything now.  I have choice in every moment, more greatness and inspiration shows up.  I'm more at ease-and have far less force and control dominating my life than I had previously.  Magic just shows up more and more from choosing to live and be present and knowing that the universe always has my back no matter what.  I know this so much more and as I breath more and more I come back to this everlasting loving presence."

- Patrick G.

"This class challenged my mind over and over again, as many of the ideas presented go against other things I've learned about abundance, spirituality, and uncovering our truest selves. And yet, as I opened up, I found myself connecting with ME more and more. I started worrying about money much less. I used to check in with my incoming money, bank account, credit cards, etc. very regularly...but at some point during the course, I simply stopped - and I didn't even realize it until the end of the month rolled around and it was time to pay bills. I now feel much more peaceful, open, and connected to the abundance that was never missing."

- Annette S.

I just wanted to reach out and say to you WOW! thank you for being you and all of what you are to this world!!
Your course is incredible just blowing my mind in so many ways. The opportunity came to me through my friend at a really crucial time for me and my family. I was dealing with a financial struggle at the time and had no idea how to get out of it. She shared this course with me and another friend. Something told me to do so I did and boy oh boy I am forever grateful!!! Zach thank you!

- Carla S.

I have to say that I didn't sign up for the Abundance class because I felt that I needed to "fix" that in my life.  I think I really signed up because I just love what comes through in every call - being in your space as well as of all the callers.  At times, I had expectations of what I thought I was going to "get" from the calls.  Sometimes it was quite literal in doing the embodiment exercises or really hearing the words to help me move a bit deeper but then many times it was just to be part of something bigger.  It often times just helped me open up in ways that I never thought possible.  I cannot express how much has changed this has changed my life.

- Jeannie L.

Such an amazing class.  I wasn't going to do it because I feel abundant, but was called to so I did.  It took things to new levels.  So grateful!

- Christy B.

There's a flow that I can now feel and even though I'm sure there'll be interesting things that will come up, I'm ok with that. And I'm ok with receiving as well as to giving. I can take deeper breaths, one side of my body is not competing with the other. There's room for all of it to exist.
This state of abundance is different from what I did expect to open up to. I can see that world is now full of more possibilities than I was considering before. I feel them, I'm not stuck with the limitations of being who I am and needing approval. And it's also ok to just observe.
It's different- the fear is reduced.
So thank you Zach for energetically holding a space and state for me to move from resistance to allowance. I know this is just part of my journey.

- Lynda F.

I have never really felt a shift in my perception of a feeling like that before.  Way super cool!  Makes me want to do it over and over again...so I keep playing with my physical feelings and emotions.
So thank you once more for being such a wonderful guide Zach!!  I love what you are doing in the world, even if we don't know what to call it.

- Becky B.

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Zach Rehder, creator of Vibrational Alignment Healing, is an international teacher, speaker and healer. Through a series of awakenings, he has become a channel for messages and energies that heal, unlock and awaken. This enables individuals to dissolve barriers and free themselves from negativity, lack and limitation. Many clients have experienced amazing, unexplainable healings and awakenings through Zach’s sessions and classes.

One of the reasons Zach is on this planet is to support others in their awakening process. He assists people in removing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual obstacles and clearly see, hear and follow their own Divine guidance with grace and ease. This empowers people to fully embody who they came here to be.

Zach is the founder of Intuition Healing Center in Denver, Colorado and travels internationally facilitating classes and healings. He also does remote and in person private sessions with people from all over the globe. His clients include some of the who’s who in the personal development industry from best selling author’s to stars of the movie The Secret.