Infinity is our true nature.
We are endless, boundless and unlimited.

Life can be incredibly stressful and overwhelming when we attempt to live it from mind/ego-level consciousness.  Always trying to control, manipulate, manage, and protect every aspect of our lives can leave us feeling exhausted and depressed.  What if this isn’t a bad thing? Actually, what if it’s the best thing that could ever happen to us?

The mind/ego-level consciousness has to fail us, over and over again.  As this is the universe reminding us, once again, that we are so much more than the identity we have imagined ourselves to be.

The conclusions, understandings, and ideas of who we are, what we are, and why we are here end up becoming the foundation of our limited experience.  This is why life never works for very long when we attempt to shut down, resist, or play small. The pain, lack, scarcity, and suffering will always be there to remind us that we are so much more than this limited idea of who we 'think' we are.

Every moment of this life experience is here to serve us.  It is always calling us to open up and to keep expanding our capacity to feel, to be, and to love.  Life is inviting us to wake up to our higher self. Wake up to our infinite self.

The Infinity Academy is a 6-week journey to help you do just that. To explore and experience life from beyond the confines of the ego/mind to discover your true, infinite nature.

This course includes very powerful guided breathwork journeys and meditation practices designed to expand your awareness and cultivate more peace and presence in your life.

The breathwork practices in this course are not recommended for people with:

Recent surgery or fractures, acute infectious illness, glaucoma, cardiovascular problems, severe hypertension, epilepsy, pregnancy, or a history of severe mental illness or psychiatric hospitalization.

This 6-week journey includes several extraordinary at home practices that can:

  • Provide a safe and natural way to experience expanded states of consciousness
  • Increase your capacity to receive and have abundance in your life
  • Deepen your connection to intuition and awareness
  • Speed up the physical healing processes in your body
  • Access deep states of meditation, ease, and peace
  • Release old baggage and limiting beliefs
  • Heal past wounds, memories, PTSD, and traumas
  • Deepen your spiritual connection
  • Dissolve stress and anxiety issues
  • Heal emotional contributors to physical dis-ease
  • Reveal dormant gifts, capacities and help you discover your purpose
  • Unblock creativity and inspiration
  • And so much more........

Here is what is included in The Infinity Academy

• Relief From Belief Introduction Session

• 6 MP3 recordings of each weekly session (60 to 90 minutes)

• 6 short daily breathing meditation practices

• Awakening the Energy Centers Guided Breathwork Journey

• Opening to Infinity Guided Breathwork Journey (2 time options)

There are no words to capture how magical and profound this journey will be.

“The results have been amazing, I feel like a different person. I can’t thank you enough for this journey you are sharing. It’s very profound & mind-blowing that the simple breath can offer so much freedom in our lives. This has changed me forever & is so beautiful.”

Cheryl O., participant

Are you ready to explore the possibilities of opening to your Infinite Self?

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Testimonials from The Infinity Academy

“This morning, I literally felt that I vibrated right out of my body and was floating a couple of inches above. The level of vibration this particular Breathwork creates is really powerful!”

Katie A., participant

“Keeping up with 15-minute meditations and working on weaving in the longer breathing practices. Gonna keep going for another week or two. Just can't stop, it's such an amazing class. Thank you Zach.”

Rebecca W., participant

“I did the 30-minute breathwork session this morning and holy s@#*...I feel so good!”

Brittany E., participant

“Zach’s Infinity Academy course was life-changing!!! I received so much more from it than I even knew I was looking for!  With a combination of tools I received from this program, I can say I finally feel safe and at peace in my body.  I have already used the tools from the program to not only carry me through some difficult times but also to help me really take in more pleasure, love, and joy!! Blown away by Zach’s work, as usual, he’s amazing!”

Hilary A., participant

“Omg! This first call is amazing! Lines up perfectly with this continued journey I’m on and the unraveling that always is happening.”

Suzanne P., participant

“The "sigh" breathing is powerful, so much energy and emotions are releasing...I went through the week 05 conference several times too, it's a pure gem! Unconscious blocks seem to move…”

Radjou M., participant

“I had nothing much happening and then suddenly I am feeling so embodied. Can feel the energy through my feet touching the ground as I walk. The breath-work has been so emancipating.”

Susan R., participant

“Wow, I've been loving this journey! I'm being in my inner strength and resilience that's even more powerful than I tend to acknowledge. I'm finding myself okay with where I am in a completely new way, almost a sort of detachment from external things. It's been so beautiful and magical!”

Meisha B., participant

“I can't believe how much this is helping me!”

CJ, participant

“I have only done the 55-minute breathing exercise.  When the breathwork stops I go into a deep relaxation mode. I feel like I am in a trance. I come back when Zach's voice said a few minutes left. It felt wonderful. As I was going to sleep tonight tears poured down my cheeks. I could not stop crying. Big Release from a trauma that happened 11 years ago.I feel lighter today.”

Jeannie C., participant

Zach Rehder is an international teacher, speaker and healer. Through a series of awakenings, he became a channel for messages and energies that heal, unlock and awaken human potential. His work enables individuals to dissolve barriers and free themselves from negativity, limitation and lack.

Zach travels internationally to facilitate seminars and workshops and regularly hosts teleclasses and online programs. He provides remote and in-person private sessions for clients from around the globe. His clients include leaders in the personal development industry, from best-selling authors to stars of the movie The Secret. Many clients have experienced amazing, inexplicable healings and awakenings through Zach’s programs and sessions.

Zach’s mission is to support others in their awakening process. He assists people in removing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual obstacles so that they can clearly see, hear and follow their own Divine guidance with grace and ease and fully embody who they came here to be.