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15-Minute Connected Breath Meditation

•  Set a timer for 15-minutes

•  Find a seated meditation position, either in a chair, cushion or on the ground. Make sure to keep your spine straight

•  Close your eyes

•  Breathe through the nose, inhale and exhale. If you can’t breathe through the nose then breath only through the mouth, inhale and exhale.

•  Breathe at a natural pace without any gaps or pauses. Pull in the inhale and allow the exhale to release. Keep inhales and exhales the same length of time.

•  When the timer goes off, you can take a couple minutes to enjoy the inner experience, keeping your eyes closed and returning to breathing in a natural way.

Week #1 - Just the breath
Week #2 - I AM mantra
Week #3 - Breathing into stuckness or stagnation
Week #4 - Central Channel Breathing
Week #5 - Sigh Breathing
Week #6 - Ahhh & Ohm breathing