Join Zach Rehder’s Releasing The Blocks To Your Intuition Transmission to break free from the common obstacles that hinder your connection to inner guidance.

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Sometimes it can seem like the whole world is telling us who we are and how we should live.  We’re taught how to behave by parents, teachers, books and spiritual beliefs from a very young age.  We’re constantly bombarded with ad campaigns telling us what we should want, how we should look and who we should be. No wonder so many of us feel dissatisfied with our lives!

There has never been and will never be another You

The truth is, nobody can tell you who you are, what makes you happy or what your purpose is because you are unique. What works for someone else may not work for you.   Are you ready to discover for yourself what your life can be?

During this 90 minute transmission and Q&A you will

  • Learn how to remove the blocks to accessing your intuition
  • Become more aware of the inner guidance that is always available to you
  • Unravel misunderstandings and misconceptions about intuition
  • Learn to make choices from your knowing instead of resistance and fear
  • Have the chance to work one on one with Zach
  • and so much more….

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Zach Rehder, creator of Vibrational Alignment Healing, is an international teacher, speaker and healer. Through a series of awakenings, he has become a channel for messages and energies that heal, unlock and awaken. This enables individuals to dissolve barriers and free themselves from negativity, lack and limitation. Many clients have experienced amazing, unexplainable healings and awakenings through Zach’s sessions and classes.

One of the reasons Zach is on this planet is to support others in their awakening process. He assists people in removing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual obstacles and clearly see, hear and follow their own Divine guidance with grace and ease. This empowers people to fully embody who they came here to be.

Zach is the founder of Intuition Healing Center in Denver, Colorado and travels internationally facilitating classes and healings. He also does remote and in person private sessions with people from all over the globe. His clients include some of the who’s who in the personal development industry from best selling author’s to stars of the movie The Secret.