Day #17

Day #17 Exercises

1.) Journal for 15 to 20 minutes

Is it safe to really let someone into your heart?

Deeper than you ever have before?

To let someone really love you and love them back fully?

To give them full access to all of you?

Is it safe to have that deep level of love with friends and family?

2.) Go back and read everything you just wrote. Focus on feeling it and breathing deeply while you read.

3.) Do the Harmony Meditation

CLICK HERE to download the Harmony Meditation and instructions

Statements for today

Write these down and bring these statements with you today. Repeat them throughout the day to feel and breathe into whatever they bring up in you. You can change the wording so that it makes more sense with your topic.

I am willing have my heart broken.

I am willing to break my partner’s heart.

Remember to drink lots of water.