Day #13

Today's Exercises

1.) Journal for 15 to 20 minutes

Realistically, what are the worst case scenarios that might happen with your finances?  

What would be the worst thing that could happen to your job, business or assets?

What if these really did happen?

What if you lost everything?

2.) Go back and read everything you just wrote. Focus on feeling it and breathing deeply while you read.

3.) Do the Harmony Meditation

CLICK HERE to download the Harmony Meditation and instructions

Today's Squeeze Statement

Contract all the muscles in your body and repeat the statement 3 times while you squeeze as hard as you can around it while you are saying it.  Relax and take a deep breath or two.  Now repeat the statement 6 more times while you focus on relaxing and opening up to this statement more than you ever have each time.  Do at least 3 cycles of this today, it’s always OK to do more.

I am willing to lose everything.

Letting Go, Generosity and Rejection Practices

Write down in your journal each day what you did and any insights you may have had.

Letting Go Practice - Every day, find at least one thing that you own that you can give away.  You can give it to someone you know, charity or the trash.  If you don’t love it and/or it’s not useful, let it go.

Generosity Practice - Find a way to express generosity every day.  This can be with money, time, compliments, acts of service or anything else you come up with.

Rejection Practice - Ask for something every day that you would expect the answer to be no.  This can be asking for discounts, upgrades, dates or anything you wouldn’t usually ask for because you think the answer is no.

Remember to keep breathing and drink lots of water.