Stop trying to create Abundance and have it instead.

Have you tried everything? Vision boards? Visualizations? Classes? Courses? Affirmations? Have you ever wondered why your struggle to have abundance never seems to work the way you think it should?  Or maybe you have been able to have it in some areas but not others?

Have we made it all too complicated and challenging?

It is very simple: the You that already embodies abundance isn’t worried about obtaining and gaining wealth and prosperity. That part of You already IS everything that is abundant and prosperous.

What if all we need to do is align ourselves with that self that already has it all?

Most teachings on prosperity and abundance focus entirely on manifesting external symbols of wealth and prosperity. These methods of reaching for and struggling will never work; or if they do appear to work, it doesn’t last for long. Most of us don’t get what we expect or even what we hope for.  This course will show you why this is actually a gift.

Are you tired of the endless struggle to have more? Tired of the endless feeling of not being enough, not having enough?

See yourself in a totally different way as we remove the obstacles to being the abundance and prosperity we have always wanted!

What if your dreams about the freedom, the joy and the love of your abundant lifestyle AREN’T just dreams? What if they are whispers from a part of you that already IS that abundance?

Open to what is as we explore our infinitely abundant, prosperous, and joyous selves. All those dreams being whispered to you in your imagination are possibilities.

Is it time to remove the blocks that stand in your way of having more than you could possibly imagine?

Join Zach and our higher selves as we explore abundance in a totally different way than we ever have before.

During this 6 week class you’ll be invited to explore:

  • Coming back into alignment with your Abundant self
  • Opening to new possibilities and opportunities for your life
  • How to live from joy, not judgment and resistance
  • Letting go of the old tools and belief systems that have been blocking you
  • How to expand your conscious awareness and connect to guidance
  • Making choices from knowing instead of fear
  • And so much more…..

Here is what you receive during this 6 week interactive event

  • Weekly transmissions and integrations to deepen your connection to Abundance
  • A powerful meditation MP3 to help you take the teachings even deeper
  • Embodiment Exercises to help you live your connection to Abundance
  • Action steps to create a new life for yourself
  • An online interactive community with class participants
  • Live Q & A sessions with Zach
  • And So Much More.......

If you can’t make the live transmissions, you can still join us!

For your convenience, all participants will automatically receive a MP3 recording of each class. It will be available for you to download the same day after each live event.

Class times are Sundays at Noon Pacific, July 24th thru August 28th

Are you ready to Embody more Abundance in your life?


A few testimonials from Zach's last 6-week class

"Fell in love with life after last night! Thank you so much!"

Erika W.

"Thank you for this wonderful course you are blessing us with."

Sujata P.

"OMGOSH!!! WHAT a call yesterday! It was amazing!! Had so many huge energetic shifts and a-ha's! I'll share the first shift I experienced from the call - I am currently experiencing financial struggle. When Zach said shift would call for some "uncomfortable" decision making around money choices, I recognized the profound truth in that! It never occurred to me to make those decisions based from my 'knowing'. Had only ever looked at it from the logical mind perspective of what's here, what's coming, etc. big sigh..... release and Surrender. I feel shift happening! <3 Thank you!!!!"

Lynn W.

"What an absolutely FANTASTIC call today! It seemed like every single WORD was absolutely relevant and resonant with me and my life. I feel like I will listen to it over and over. Thank you Zach, thank you Wendy with your beautiful heart, thank you to the callers and every single person in this group- you are fabulous. My heart feels very open which feels wonderful- I feel present with lots of gratitude and openness in general (which has not been the norm for quite awhile). I hope each of you takes my thanks for that into your heart."

Tana H.

"Thank you so much for the Awakening series!  WOW!  Ongoing Opening, Breathing, Presence, Gratitude!  And, the online community? LOVE being part of such a beautiful, sharing, loving community. And, having feedback, no Judgment. Supercalifragilistic....!"

Joan K.

"I have been listening to the course(recorded, as I have conflicts on Sundays). The course is great. I think the first caller/discussion on week 3 was brilliant! Thanks for your compassion, wisdom, and service. You have really been helping me."

Dean A.

"WOW... I didn't have a chance to listen to the 2nd call until today, and my goodness... awesome stuff Zach Rehder!"

Jason C.

Zach Rehder, creator of Vibrational Alignment Healing, is an international teacher, speaker and healer. Through a series of awakenings, he has become a channel for messages and energies that heal, unlock and awaken. This enables individuals to dissolve barriers and free themselves from negativity, lack and limitation. Many clients have experienced amazing, unexplainable healings and awakenings through Zach’s sessions and classes.

One of the reasons Zach is on this planet is to support others in their awakening process. He assists people in removing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual obstacles and clearly see, hear and follow their own Divine guidance with grace and ease. This empowers people to fully embody who they came here to be.

Zach is the founder of Intuition Healing Center in Denver, Colorado and travels internationally facilitating classes and healings. He also does remote and in person private sessions with people from all over the globe. His clients include some of the who’s who in the personal development industry from best selling author’s to stars of the movie The Secret.